Ingredients for 4 people:

- 4 nice cooked dumplings (veal or pike)

- 200g of crab meat (or spider meat or even lobster meat)

- 8 slices 1/2cm thick cut into small bacon slices

- salt, ground pepper

- 1 pinch of cognac

Progression of the recipe:

1) Turn on your plancha grill.

2) Cut your dumplings in half lengthwise by cutting them with a knife (rounded edges) so that each half can stand flat on the plancha grill.

3) Put a few drops of olive oil on the griddle, then place your half dumplings on the widest side. After 2 minutes turn the salt and pepper.

4) During this time, put on one side of the griddle your bacon to roast and in the center your crab meat only pepper and pour on it a few drops of cognac cooking 1 minute no more! Put it on the side.


On each plate very hot the 2 half quenelles then with the help of a spoon, garnish the top with the meat of cake and finish with the small bacon for mixed tastes bordering the exception.

This recipe must be prepared "in a hurry", i.e. as quickly as possible, 5 to 6 minutes maximum, so that the whole thing is very hot and the "first" flavours develop.

If you serve with a good, fresh white Beaujolais cheese, for example, you will not be far from ecstasy.

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