How is the maintenance of my plancha carried out?

Cleaning: it's fast!

It is necessary to make heat its plate, then push back with the help of the maintenance spatula the greases in the stainless steel tray at the front of the plancha. After each use, the stainless steel grease trap can easily be put in the dishwasher. Nothing could be easier!

How do I maintain my griddle's hob properly?

Concerning the maintenance, three methods are recommended to find his plancha as new :

- Cleaning with white vinegar when the plate is hot.

White vinegar is known for its disinfecting and cleaning properties. Yes, it's a grandmother's method, but it works! When your plate is hot you can pour a little white vinegar and then scrape with a stainless steel spatula and your plancha will be as new. Odourless, white vinegar will be your best friend between two different cooking times (to switch from fish to meat, for example).

- Icebreaking with water or with ice cubes on the hot plate

You can create a thermal shock on the plate of your plancha with ice cubes while it is still hot. This operation allows to remove food residues and fat residues.

- Cleaning with plancha degreaser

You can use the cleaning plancha cold on the enamelled plate and the stainless steel plate. Spray the product and let it work for 20 minutes before rinsing with water.

Can my plancha stay outside, even in the rain?

The plancha is indeed weatherproof. Thanks to its structure and its burners made of stainless steel known not to rust, the exterior of your plancha will not change when exposed to rain. The plates of our planchas are either enamelled steel or solid stainless steel. They are therefore also 100% weatherproof.

However, we recommend to cover this quality product with a protective cover protection cover..

Are your boards designed to stay outdoors?

Our planchas are made to stay outdoors. This is the case for all the planchas in the Vivaplancha range.

About 90% of our customers use their plancha outdoors and are very satisfied with it. Our planchas are manufactured with quality materials, designed and validated for their robustness. The plates are resistant to climatic conditions, provided that they are at least protected either by a cover or by a cover or even both.

Accessories for the maintenance of the griddle