Made in the Spanish tradition

The creation of the plancha was made by the Spaniards. It was the Spanish pilgrims on the roads to Santiago de Compostel who were the first to use a plancha. They carried with them a steel plate which they then placed on hot embers to prepare their food. And that's how the plancha was born! Since then, the Spaniards have remained the specialists in plancha. 

In 2006, Vivaplancha launched its first range of planchas manufactured near Barcelona. The planchas are made with the best materials carefully selected.

Today, the models are evolving to offer you a plancha that is always easier to use and clean while maintaining the same high quality standards.

Vivaplancha guarantees

Ordering a Vivaplancha plancha on the website means ordering a quality plancha at the best price. Vivaplancha guarantees you a delivery in 48-72 hours to the address of your choice. The Vivaplancha griddle is ready to use and very easy to use and maintain.