What do I need to know before I turn on my plancha?

It should be noted that the plancha gas is a safe cooking appliance because it is perfectly possible to control the bottles.

Indeed, on a plancha you do not have no direct contact with the flames as on the barbecue, so no risk of flame return. It is important to us that you have perfectly confidence in your plancha.

That is why we have taken all the necessary measures to make your Vivaplancha planchaeasy to use, pleasant and secure.

Does my plancha have security?

On the gas griddle, there is a double safety:

- first safety at the plancha buttons
When the plancha buttons are in the closed position, gas cannot pass through the burners.

- second safety at the gas bottle and regulator
When the regulator is closed the gas cannot escape from the gas bottle.

perfectly safe cooking appliance.

Which gas should I choose to use my griddle safely?

Vivaplancha planks are compatible with all commercially available butane and propane gas cylinders.

We recommend however to use propane gas for Vivaplancha planchas. This will result in better flames.
In addition, the gas propane is more resistant to low temperatures than butane, which could freeze.

Is it dangerous to leave my plancha outside?

Vivaplancha planchas are made for outdoor use. It is therefore not dangerous to leave them outside. as new over the years, it is recommended to maintain it regularly and to protect it when it is not in use !