Ingredients for 4 people:

- 4 nice fresh salmon cutlets about 4cms thick

- olive oil a little lemon juice and a little thyme flower

- salt and ground pepper (marinade)

- 1 untreated lemon

- 1 untreated orange

Progression of the recipe:

1) 2 hours before, take your salmon cutlets, spread them on a plate and cover them with the marinade. Close with cling film and put in the fridge.

2) Wash your citrus fruits and slice them with the skin into the thinnest slices possible (preferably with a mandolin).

3) Two hours have passed: your salmon cutlets are marinated. Drain and dry them on a sheet of absorbent paper and put a drop of oil under each escalope. Put to cook on the hot plate. Meanwhile, place your citrus slices on the griddle and grill them for 2 minutes on each side and set aside on the edge.

4) Cook the cutlets for 4 minutes on each side. At the end on the cutlets install harmoniously by interspersing them with the slices of roasted citrus fruits and serve!

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