Tampa Plancha - 3 queimadores

Tampa Plancha - 3 queimadores

Capa de tecido protetora
Para plancha de 3 queimadores, Limón e Pimientos (compatível com a tampa de protecção fechada na plancha)
Protege eficazmente contra poeira e intempéries 

25,00 €

Plancha cover - 3 burners

The cover for the plancha gas grill with 3 burners is the ideal accessory to protect your plancha Limón or Pimientos.

Waterproof black fabric with high resistance.

Ensures optimal protection of your plancha with 3 burners due to the waterproof fabric.

The cover fits perfectly over the plancha and can be tightened with a drawstring. It is also compatible with the protective lid in closed position.

The indispensable accessory to keep your plancha in a good condition!

  • Protective cover made of fabric
  • For the planchas with 3 burners, Limón and Pimientos (also compatible with the protective lid in closed position on the plancha)
  • Effectively protects the plancha from dust and weather effects

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