Mangueira de gás

Mangueira de gás

Compatível com mangueiras de gás butano e propano
Possui 2 tampas de rosca
Garantia de 5 anos

20,00 €

Gas hose - France

This 75 cm long gas hose is the perfect connection between your gas bottle and your griddle.

Hose compatible with butane gas and propane gas, use in France.

It is composed of two G1/2 type screwable ends and allows you to use the griddle in complete safety. The black side is screwed onto the gas bottle regulator and the gold side is screwed onto the gas outlet of the griddle.

This hose is guaranteed for 10 years.

  • Gas hose compatible with butane and propane gas
  • Gas hose for use in France
  • Has 2 screw-on end caps
  • 10 years warranty

Ficha informativa

500 g
Garantie fabricant
5 ans

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