Espátula de plancha grande angular

Espátula de plancha grande angular

Espátula grande de aço inoxidável
Altura da espátula: 23cm (não incluindo o cabo)
Cabo de borracha ergonómica

14,90 €

Large plancha spatula

This large stainless steel spatula is the perfect grill utensil to prepare your large food gently on the plancha.

Grill accessories for Plancha with enamelled steel plate or stainless steel plate.

It allows you to prepare your food perfectly. You can push, turn and remove your favorite meals with this spatula.

Small plus point: The rubber grip was created for high comfort.

  • Large grill accessories made of stainless steel
  • Length of the spatula: 23 cm (without grip)
  • Rubber grip that lies in the hand comfortably

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