Set of 10 stainless steel utensils for plancha
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Set of 10 stainless steel utensils

Set of 10 stainless steel utensils

Set of stainless steel utensils
10 stainless steel utensils
Ideal for cooking well on your griddle

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This set of 10 utensils will make it easier for you to use the griddle and cook like a great chef. The utensils are all stainless steel, ideal for outdoor use.

Suitable utensils for enamelled plancha or stainless steel plancha.

This batch contains:

  • a large spatula
  • a big clamp
  • a brush to clean the cooktop
  • a large knife
  • a meat fork
  • a long brush
  • 4 skewer picks

IThey will allow you to prepare your food to enhance all your plancha cooking.

This set can be easily stored in its stainless steel case. Ideal to offer to all fans of plancha cuisine.


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