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Plancha cover - 2 burners

Plancha cover - 2 burners

Protective cover made of black fabric
For the planchas with 2 burners, Gaspacho and Flamenco (also compatible with the protective lid in closed position)
Effectively protects against the plancha from dust and weather effects

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The cover for the planchas with 2 burners guarantees the protection of the plancha Gaspacho or Flamenco from dust and rain. 

Waterproof black fabric with high resistance.

The protective cover is made of waterproof black fabric. It can be tightened on the plancha using the drawstring and can be installed and removed safely!

It is compatible with the planchas with 2 burners and also with the protective lid in closed position on the plancha.

The indispensable accessory to protect your plancha!


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