Choose good quality farm chicken breasts

- Chicken + red peppers + onions + zucchini.

- Chicken + mini but + cocktail sausage + pitted black olives.

- Chicken + mushroom + smoked breast + cherry tomato.

- Chicken + candied lemons + courgettes.

You can redo all these skewers with either guinea fowl fillets (cook less) or turkey fillets

Duck :

Coming from the southwest, I prefer to make them with mulard duck breast (slightly shorter cooking time than with normal duck fillet).

- Racks of duck breast + mandarin wedges + large dice of zucchini

- Racks of duck breast + apples fruit + smoked bacon + grapes

- Racks of duck breast + mushroom head and raw foie gras

- Slices of duck breast + prunes in armagnac sauce + smoked breast

- And then a very great classic for the people of the Southwest

- The skewer of stuffed hearts: stuffed duck hearts (mulard) opened in 2 just toasted with a good punch of pepper mill and a salad with walnut oil.

Original recipes by Chef Patrick Asfaux