Ingredients for 4 people:

- 4 nice veal chops of about 180 grs

- ½ reblochon (farmer if possible)

- 2 firm apples (Boskoop style or reinette queen)

- 4 thin slices of meat from the Grisons (or pancetta)

- 30 grs of semi-salted butter

- A few drops of lemon juice

- Salt and ground pepper

Progression of the recipe:

The "implementation"
1) Peel the apples, hollow them out and cut them into quarters 2 to 3 cm thick (like orange slices), put them on a baking sheet and film.

2) Peel the Reblochon and cut 8 slices.

3) 1/2 hour before eating, light the Plancha grill not too hot.

4) Put a drop of peanut oil on it, then cook your veal chops seasoned with salt and pepper from the mill. They must be roasted without being burned so the cooking will last 6 minutes on each side.

5) At the same time on the other side of the Plancha grill put your apple and fruit wedges in a snaker, salt and pepper, let them cook for 2 minutes on each side and then remove them to a plate.

6) When at the end of the 6 minutes you have turned your veal chops over on each put a small square of fresh butter ½ salt a drop of lemon juice, the 2 small slices of Reblochon and by placing them harmoniously you will put on your apple quarters and let them cook as planned again 5 to 6 minutes (little by little the cheese will melt gently between the heat coming from cooking the ribs and the heat above provided by the potatoes).

7) Briefly pass your meat slices from the grisons (or pancetta) on the griddle and then gently place them on your veal chops.

Here is a simple recipe that should please your guests if you want to make a whole meal of it, we could even serve it with a gratin dauphinois in the middle of the table and accompany it with a white wine from Apremont or a Macon Viré for example.

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